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Our Team

At Layton Builder's, we emphasize the importance of team work.  This is interconnected from staff member to staff member and staff member to our valued customers.  Building a home will be one of the biggest decisions our customers will make in their lifetime and we pride ourselves in the team work approach to constant communication.  This level of team work allows us to deliver the highest quality home you can buy in our local market.  Here is a list of our team members eager to assist you in your home buying process.

Amanda Grier
Office Manager:

A Delaware native and former loan processor at a community bank, Amanda joined our team in the spring of 2015.  For over a decade, loyal customers counted on her expertise, efficiency, and attention to detail.  Through daily interactions, this “small town girl” formed strong ties to the community.  Her ability to multitask with a smile makes our office run better than a “well-oiled machine.” 

“Working together toward a common goal is the basis of teamwork.  Achieving customer satisfaction beyond expectation is our vision. Through my career experience, I have developed a deep understanding of, and appreciation for teamwork.  We are truly a team here at Layton Builders.  It is my job to ensure that we continue to take cooperation and collaboration to the next level. “ 

Ellen Roland
Director of Sales/Customer Care:

Ellen was born and raised on the east coast and prides herself in understanding the customer’s needs. She has an extensive background in customer service and corporate management that originated from her SUNY College education that transitioned to working for multi-million dollar companies that expect the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


Her greatest strengths are her creativity and leadership.  She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.   Ellen has always been a team player and her focus and mission with Layton Builders is to showcase the importance of customer service that translates into exceeding every customers expectations by turning your dream home into a reality.

Scott Willey

Scott Willey is from Dover Delaware where he started in construction at a young age with his father.  He continued in the industry until entering the United States Army in 1997.  What drives Scott is the fast pace of the construction industry while continuing a high standard of finished product.  He is passionate about building homes that are not only beautiful but include quality materials and craftsmanship.  In addition to his career Scott finds real excitement in maintaining a great relationship with his wife and 4 children.  He enjoys spending time coaching his daughters cross country team and son’s baseball teams.  Scott is grateful for the employees, sub-contractors, and customers that make his job so rewarding. 

Teri Mitten
Project Manager/Director of Marketing:

A Maryland native, Teri initially came to Delaware to attend college. As a graduate of Wesley College, she has earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in legal studies.  With this foundation, Teri ensures the numbers add up while confirming that all the I’s get dotted and T’s get crossed on each home we build.  Teri loves Layton Builder’s team approach.  “As a client of Layton Builders, you have access to our entire team! This includes everyone from our executive management team to skilled laborers.  Aside from your main points of contact, there are many other team members involved in the estimating, purchasing, construction, and warranty of your home. Our team of professionals has many years of experience in new home building, and still enjoys the uniqueness of every new build!”  

Ted Layton