Our Process


This step gives you the early notice of being qualified for a loan and allows you to shop with confidence in what you are able to purchase. You should speak with one of our preferred lenders in order to receive a pre-qualification and receive any lender or builder credits available at that time.

Applying for a loan and commitment letter

You may speak with one of our preferred lenders to apply for a loan. They will gather all necessary information from you and your mortgage application will be processed for the purpose of obtaining a commitment letter.

Appraising the home

Mortgage lenders require that an appraisal is done on the home in order to get financing. While the home is under construction an appraiser will come out to complete their appraisal.

Obtain home insurance

Lenders require home insurance that covers fire and hazards. If your new home is located in a flood zone, you will also be required to obtain flood insurance. If you do not have an insurance agent we can recommend one to you.


An underwriter will look over your loan application from start to finish. They will determine if any additional information is required in order to give the clear to release funding for the settlement of your new home.